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Costa Rica is the crown jewel of Central America

rain forestCosta Rica is located in southern Central America and is perfect for tourism and offroad motorcycle riding. Costa Rica is a democratic country - the oldest democracy in Central America and has no armed forces. Costa Rica's land mass is approximately the size of West Virginia with the Atlantic Ocean (Carribean) on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. 

The country is bisected by high mountains running north to south and this intermountain region has numerous volcanoes - most dormant. The Arenal Volcano is moderately active and is a favorite spot for tourists to see mild volcanic eruptions on a daily basis. Costa Rica has lush rain forests and jungle areas. On our tours, we ride through some fantastic rain forest areas with numerous river crossings and also high in the mountainous regions crossing to the Pacific Ocean. 

Costa Rica has a population of about 4.1 million people of diverse ethnic backgrounds who are warm and friendly. During our ride we will visit numerous towns and villages where we will stop to rest, get refreshments and meals. These stops afford our riders the opportunity to get acquainted with the local population. Don't be surprised to see many mules and horses on our ride as these are used frequently in the countryside for transporting people and goods. 

Awaiting you is a beautiful and inviting country for those interested in a combination of spectacular enduro-style riding terrain and nature's beauty. 


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