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Travel Documents & Insurance


To travel to Costa Rica you will need a valid passport. If you do not have a passport, the procedure to obtain a United States passport is quite simple. You will need to go to your local US Post Office and obtain a passport application and obtain a passport photograph of yourself (check the photo shop to make sure that they provide passport photos - regular photos are not acceptable). 

Once you have completed the passport application and have a passport photo, you will need to take your completed application, your passport photos and the original copy of your birth certificate to the US Post Office. Your new passport will be processed in about six weeks or less and your original birth certificate will be returned (trust us on this). Congratulations, you are now ready to travel to one of our ultimate moto-destinations for the ride of your life!

Trip Cancellation Insurance

If you feel that you there is any chance that you might have to cancel your trip due to personal illness, family illness or death or other circumstances outside of your control, it may be advisable to obtain trip cancellation insurance. See your travel agent for more information regarding trip cancellation insurance.

Medical Insurance

MotoAdventures strongly advises that you obtain appropriate medical insurance before taking one of our tours. This medical insurance must be valid for use outside the United States or your country of citizenship. Obviously, offroad motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity. We will be traveling in areas offroad that, in the event of a fall or a crash, may cause serious physical injury. In this event, MotoAdventures will make every effort to immediately transport an injured rider to our support vehicle for transfer to an appropriate medical facility. These medical facilities will require insurance to treat a patient. 

MotoAdventures is not financially responsible for an injured rider's medical expenses

Again, each rider is strongly encouraged to obtain appropriate medical insurance prior to taking one of our tours. The chances are high that you will not need to use this insurance, but if you do, insurance will speed your treatment and ensure that you receive the proper medical attention in the event of an injury.