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About Us

Founder and principal guide, Larry Larrabure is a Peruvian who lives and plays in San Jose, Costa Rica where he arrived in 1991.


Been a motorcycle enthusiast, he came in 1988 for a surf trip and fell in love with the country, and returned to his native Peru with the idea that some day he will return and make a living in this beautiful country doing Motorcycle tours.

1989 went to Ecuador and in 1990 to Europe entering a series of Enduro races including the ISDE in 1991, accumulating vast experience in different types of terrain.

This experience helped to re-assure the quality and quantity of the vast Costa Rican trails tested once again, falling in love with them; so much so that when he met a local Costarrican, distributor of Husqvarna, proposed the "crazy idea" of providing tourist with a different twist to getting to see this beautiful country. In 1991 Motoadventures was open for business, enjoying great success from the start. Husqvarnas 610 where used for the first 7 years proving to be a competitive bike but not as reliable as the all star Honda XR400, today’s primal choice of weapon.

Motoadventures is known as "THE" Enduro motorcycle tour that any motorcycle enthusiast "MUST" take before kicking the bucket. With word of mouth, all positive, many well known riders and celebrities have honor us with their visit to come and enjoy our tours, returning again and again, riders such as Kevin Hines, Ken Faught, Mark Kariya, Kevin Schwantz, Jeff Emig and many others.

Motoadventures has been on the major Motorcycle Magazines several times, and recognized as the #1 Enduro Tour by renown International Magazies such as Dirt Rider Magazine and MotoVerte from France, also has been enjoyed and reviewed a few times by our friends in Motoworld, and another 3 times over by Speedvision.

Many tried to copy Motoadventures but it’s hard to do so with success; our knowledge of the terrain, trails, locals and the country as a whole, not to mention our guide’s skill level makes Motoadventures a unique experience.

We enjoy a rate of 70% return customers, and that alone speaks for itself.