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You can very easily fantasize you are racing the Dakar Rally during our tour, impossible not to smile while having so much fun, best ride ever!


Tour pricing

Economy hotels $3,299

Premium hotels $3,599


Tour includes

  • Bike

  • Guide

  • Fuel

  • Airport transport

  • Support vehicle to carry luggage from location to location

  • 5 Nights hotels

  • Breakfast

  • (No lunch or dinner)

  • Transport from Lima to Paracas and back.

Option add Extra guide, as a backup, sweep, or split the group,  $600 extra per group.

Main guide Jaques Barron, 3 time Dakar Rally rider

Backup guide Larry Larrabure, 2 time ISDE rider, 10 time Enduro top 2 overall championships in Costa Rica, 10 time enduro championship four-stroke class in Costa Rica, Top finisher in Texas Cross country,top 2 in Hawaii Kawai race, Incas Rally top 10 desert stage, top 2 enduro in Ecuador, races in USA national Cross country top 10 overall.Also an aviator and Backcountry pilot legend.

Check if you want to check his aviation adventures.

Bike insurance. You have the option to buy bike insurance for $200 and cover the bike in total, or bring $600 in cash fully refundable if no damage to the bike.

If there is damage you will be charged the price of the cost of the parts in Lima.

Seasons. In Peru we can ride all year round, winter is between May and September, temp in the 60s.

Summer temp in the 80s, from December to April.



We need $500 deposit per person to book the tour, and balance 30 days before the start of the tour.

You can pay via our link in Motoadventuring website or wire transfer, also option to pay by check or Western Union we can offer a 3% discount.