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Riding Tips

testimonialsFast Cornering

This tip doesn't feel very natural and takes a lot of practice. There are 2 techniques to apply for fast cornering.

Think of the corner as if it had a small berm at the end (in reality the corner doesn't have it) usually you go faster, at a speed where you would not make the corner unless the berm is there. You would normally accelerate as soon as you hit the berm and get out of the corner accelerating hard on the throttle.

The same process applies to a flat corner, you go faster than usual as if you are not going to make it and turn rolling on the throttle while reaching the outside of the turn. Lean the bike and roll the throttle and the bike will turn.

Practice at lower speeds first to see that it works and get the feel of the bike and the throttle position. Also, while leaning the bike, do it as much as possible but keep your body upright, which will mean you are putting all of your weight on the outside peg.

Good riding and don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail for more information and techniques!

Larry Larrabure

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