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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I've been home for over a week now and my hart is still on the trails in Costa Rica. The Volcano tour was far more cool than I had anticipated. Let me start by saying that you did a superb job of guiding us. You set a very reasonable pace and you were never too far ahead. You always stopped at crossroads to make sure we didn't take a wrong turn. I stopped many times to take pictures and you never seemed to have a problem waiting for me.

I took the role of sweeper so that I could watch over my boys. As dusty as it was, it was worth it. Not only did I pick up my boys a few times, but I got to slow down to enjoy the sites. You chose the perfect blend of single track trails as well as horse trails, fire roads, and pavement. It didn't take me long to figure out that the main focus of the ride wasn't the dirt bikes themselves, but using them as a tool to see the most beautiful country side I've ever seen, let alone ride through. The Honda XR400 was a perfect choice for this adventure. My CRF would have lasted one day! My boys and I have a deep respect for the Costa Rican people. 99% of the tourists would never see what we saw in the interior of the mountains and jungles. My boys are now grateful for the lifestyles they lead. That's new!

You kept the ride well within our skill level. I liked that you gave us a choice on the hardest trail. My son decided the easy way was right for us. I'll catch the hard way next time.

The hotels were great. Food was great. The view from the hotels were unsurpassed. The lunches were better once I figured out to simply order what you ordered! My boys and I are 110% thrilled with our adventure. I really liked how you bonded with my son Jon. He can be a challenge at times and you made a wonderful impression on him.

We used everything on your list of things to bring. Advil was a must for me. We will definitely return for another adventure with you and remember, you have an open invitation to stay with us and ride here in San Diego.

Thanks again,
Posted By: Dave, Chris and Jon Regenhardt
San Diego, California
Be Careful what you ask for!
Our trip to Costa Rica was in January 2003 which four of us friends rode with Larry. Within five miles from Larry’s house, Larry had already figured out that an additional rider probably wasn’t going to make it where Larry had planned. In another 20 or 30 miles of tough trail, I told Larry that there was no way that he sent all of his tours on this trail. With a little laugh, Larry said that he didn’t send many of his tours on this trail and he asked me if I remembered what I had told him when he asked what kind of riding we would like to do. Yes, I remembered that I had told him that we wanted tight, technical, tough trails so we would have a lot of good stories. Larry just laughed because he knew that he could show us tight, technical, tough trails in Costa Rica!

To make a long story shorter, we had a trip of a lifetime! Costa Rica is a beautiful country and they have some unbelievable riding. Even though the four of us are used to good technical riding in Colorado, Costa Rica has a lot of good riding. We rode for all five days. We found new bruises each night. Be forewarned though, be careful what you ask for; Larry can definitely challenge any rider. Will we do it again? Definitely! Do we have really good stories? Definitely! And, I think Larry enjoyed doing the tight, technical, tough trails too!
Posted By: B. Smith
Craig, Colorado

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