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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

We'd like to thank you and your staff in Costa Rica for the experience of a lifetime! Jack, Doug and I really enjoyed the trip. We loved the trails and challenges that you showed us. We will certainly wear our Moto Adventures "Trophy T-shirts" with pride.
Posted By: B.K
As you know this was our second tour with Moto Adventures. Our group consisted of what I would consider intermediate to expert single track riders ranging in age from 60 to 69 years. (kids really) Several of us have ridden together for 40+ years. We try to get together for an adventure every couple of years, a couple of us have ridden the Baja with Malcom Smith and a few years ago we rode Copper Canyon in Mexico. Of all our tours I would rate yours as the best. Not just the riding because we probably have some of the best riding right here in Idaho. Some things I really like about your tour is riding in the morning and then having the day for the pool, beach or whatever. Our lodging was really good. It's nice to come back to the same place and not have to upack every day. Manny was great as usual. He pretty well knows where everyone is all the time but doesn't try to be "trail boss". He lets people enjoy the ride and stop as often as the group wants. I thought the riding this year was the best yet, the single track sections were what we like. Around here that's pretty well all we ride. The people in Costa Rica we have encountered have all been the best. Very friendly and honest. Costa Rica was beautiful as usual. The Hondas worked well and Marco was always there to make sure we didn't have any mechanical issues. Jaco is a fun little place with enough night life to be interesting. Mike's airplane tour is spectacular and anyone who doesn't do it is missing a lot. About the only negative I heard was some of the guys whined about the [typical Costa Rican] food. Thank you and Manny and Marco for taking good care of us. If you ever get near Idaho let me know. I have extra bikes and we would show you some beautiful rides. Thanks again !
Posted By: D.C

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